ROWENTA DW5080 VS DW8080 Reviews And Comparison 2021

Rowenta is a well-known brand that has made its name as one of the best iron makers in the developed countries starting from Europe. It is the only company producing more than 300 steam holes in the soleplate.

Compare And Contrast DW5080 vs DW8080

Rowenta DW5080
4.9 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Rowenta DW8080
4.8 out of 5 stars
Check Price

The functionality and durability of the iron is optimum for the long-term companionship.

The various advantageous structural aspects of the ROWENTA iron as compared to other irons you have used previously will amaze you.

Here, we will be discussing the Comparsion between dw5080 and dw8080 Steam Iron to solve your problems.

Rowenta Iron Comparisons 2021


Power Difference Between ROWENTA STEAM IRONS DW5080 And DW8080 Reviews

Both of the irons generate the same amount of power that is 1700 watts.

The ability to produce high power makes Rowenta 5080 and Rowenta 8080 distinguished among many other irons in the class of Rowenta.

The higher energy will help you accomplish your work in a short time with no folds left.

Interesting fact: It is surprising to know about the feature of auto switch-off as it eliminates the risk of burning for those who forget to switch it off manually.

When placed in a vertical position and not in use for more than 8 minutes, the iron will automatically switch off.

In the case of a horizontal position and no-use state, the iron will switch off within 30 minutes.

ROWENTA DW5080 Reviews11x5x6 inches, 3.8 pounds and brown accompanying white adjuncts Check Price
ROWENTA DW8080 Reviews11x5x6 inches and 3.8 pounds, brown accompanying white adjuncts Check Price

We all have got the idea from the description that the size of Rowenta 5080 and Rowenta 8080 is the same.

There is a slight difference between weights, with Rowenta 8080 outweighing with the distinction of only 0.1.

We cannot rank them based on the colour scheme; a selection of the colour depends on the taste of the buyer.

Comparison Of Precision Tip And Soleplate Rowenta Iron Steam DW5080 vs DW8080

Rowenta Iron Soleplate

ROWENTA IRON DW5080The soleplate is of stainless steel which is round in shape. The round shape is advantageous as it prevents the ripping of clothes due to interfering with the edges of the plate. There is an aluminium core within the soleplate which allows the equal distribution of heat. The precision tip helps in ironing tricky zones. DW5080 is impervious to abrasions and not affected by the rust which outclasses the other Rowenta’s. Check Price
ROWENTA IRON DW8080Just like Rowenta 5080, Rowenta 8080 is also having the rounded shape stainless steel soleplate. Unlike Rowenta 5080, it is not having an aluminium core. The precision tip is quite helpful in ironing the parts that need more precision and accuracy, which includes collars and cuffs. Recommended: ROWENTA 5080 is a leader when comparing the niche of the soleplate and precision tip. It is because of its enhanced performance and durability. Check Price

Contrast Steam And Mist Details Between DW5080 vs DW8080

ROWENTA DW5080Its steam producing ability is 100g/min. The ease in adjusting the temperature of moisture depending on the type of textileis due to the presence of a thermostat knob. Cool spray mist is not present in DW5080. Check Price
ROWENTA DW8080The rate of production of steam is 150g/min. ROWENTA 5080 is a master in this regard and provide you with perfection in ironing your clothes. Cool spray mist isan additional feature in Dw8080 which makes it outstanding in removing the crumples at the edges. Check Price

Water Holding Tank Analysis

Rowenta 5080 Water Tank

ROWENTA DW5080Capacity to hold water: 10 ounces and No dripping of water Check Price
ROWENTA DW8080Capacity to hold water: 12.7 ounces and It is also anti-dripping. Check Price

Point To Ponder

Many people don’t even know the fact that the appliances which use water are at increased risk of calcium deposition.

Rowenta iron users need not worry about this problem, because there are an advanced scale filter and self-efficient cleaning system.

It increases the life span of your iron and keeps you away from buying distilled water and avoiding tap water.

Pros And Cons Of Rowenta Steam Irons


  • The comfortable and robust grip allows easy handling of the iron.
  • A rare soft base diminishes the risk of falling when placed in a vertical position.

ROWENTA DW5080What We Like?

  • Not as heavy as the DW8080
  • Aluminum core distributes heat equally
  • Self-cleaning

What We Don’t Like?

  • Small water tank requires frequent filling
  • Not having a swivel rod
  • Don’t have cold mist spray
  • Small numerals on the dialer

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  • Cold mist spray, which help removes excessive rumples
  • 360-degree swivel cord providing an additional line of safety
  • Grip designed based on the user-friendly principles
  • Effortless rotation of iron
  • Recommended: ROWENTA DW8080! If you wanted to avoid the pain that you felt after the hours of ironing, then you should go with the DW8080 keeping in view its level of comfort.

ROWENTA DW8080What We Like?

  • An excessive amount of steam Production
  • Less frequent filling of the water tank
  • It has a cool-mist spray
  • Comfortable grip don’t irritate hands
  • Fitted with a 360degree swivel rod which enhances security

What We Don’t Like?

  • Heavy as compared to DW5080
  • No aluminium core
  • It is not having a soft touch base

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FAQ’s For Rowenta DW5080 vs DW8080

1. Which Rowenta Iron Is The Best?
Ans. From a professional perspective, you should go with the DW8080 if you are pro.
2. Why Are Rowenta Irons So Good?
Ans. Rowenta irons come with the increased efficiency and higher powers as compared to the other irons.

The soleplate containing 400 micro steam holes yields equal propagation of steam.

3. Why Is The Soleplate Of  Iron Staining My Clothes?
Ans. It is because your water tank needs cleaning. Try to use the distilled water in the future to avoid the risk of staining. Make sure to empty the water tank before keeping it.
4.How Can I prevent Soleplate From Scratching?
Ans. Make sure to position the iron accurately depending on its base.

Avoid cleaning the iron with the metallic surfaces. Don’t use an iron over the sharp material like zippers and buttons.

5. How Should I Clean The Soleplate Of The Iron?
Ans. You can clean the soleplate with the help of a smooth sponge or moistened cloth when your iron is cold.

When the soleplate is warm, you should use the soft damp cloth.

Be cautious that your cleaning doesn’t affect the normal auto-cleaning of the iron.

6. Where Are The Rowenta Irons Made?
Ans. Rowenta irons are made in Germany.
7. Are Rowenta Irons A Sound Investment?
Ans. Yes, ROWENTA irons are worth investing in if you are in search of the BEST IRON for long-time support.

Spending the money at the right place is the concern of most of the customers.

It features all the essentials an iron could have at reasonable cost.

Best Iron of Rowenta for Sewing


Different people have different priorities when it is about buying new appliances.

We have explained every feature of both irons very clearly with a brief description of their comparisons and the one that is recommendable concerning a particular part.

So, your preferences will dictate your choice.

If you are looking for iron with the best appearance, then you should go with the DW8080 due to its classy colour.

For the preferred feature of power, you can go with either of the Rowenta, as they both work at the same rate.

Some people look for the iron with quality of soleplate and precision tip; we recommend them DW5080.

If you are the one who looks at the finer details of steam and mist factors, then DW5080 will be the winner.

In terms of the attribute of the water tank, the leading iron is DW8080 with a large capacity. For the ones who crave for the advancements, DW8080 is the best choice.

We have done all the research for your ease. These details will help you to buy the best iron concerning your demands and choices.

Moreover, you don’t need to worry when you are buying Rowenta products as they are equally efficient and showcase high quality.

At the end of the day, you will be satisfied no matter which Rowenta you choose. Get ready for having the best Rowenta by your side.

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